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po angielsku:

1. ability

ability to listen
ability to work
przykład ze słówkiem

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4 opportunity

2. capability

Our new photocopier has the capability of working almost twice as fast as the old one
The machine had lost 15 percent of its full power capability.
The military capability of our country is great as we have a nuclear weapon.
kej pe by ly ti

Sprawdzian I
runing lean 1
Słówka do egzaminu cz. III
Building systems engineering

3. capacity

the amount of something that can be put in a container, or the number of people that a place has room for. There are plans to increase the capacity of the stadium.
the number of things or people that a container or space can hold
your capacity to enjoy life
your capacity to enjoy life; he has a great capacity for Greek

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Boilerplate clauses

4. aptitude

She has a special aptitude for mathematics / The new test is supposed to measure the aptitudes of the students
The most required qualities are experience, aptitude, energy, initiative, talent and responsibility.
Tom has a great aptitude for maths.
We all have different talents and aptitudes; he has no aptitude for this work; to have an aptitude for maths; learning aptitude
aptitude test

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5. capabilities

This speed illustrates the impressive capabilities of even the smallest animal brains.