słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English

zbierać się

po angielsku:

1. gather

gather information
gather on the bench
hoarders work with an expert to understand why they gather and save so many things
when market reasoning and market thinking have gathered force and gained prestige

Angielski Prawo
państwo i społeczeństwo
Agnieszka lista 6 E-P
Global citinens 1
FCE - podręcznik, unit 3

2. gather yourself

upper intermidiate 2
Science fiction - writer

3. get together

They both work long hours, so they get together late at night.
Those two should get together. They have a lot in common.
Those two should get tohether. They have a lot in common.
When are you all getting together?
let's get together and tolk about it.

Daniel unit 5
Daniel unit 5

4. pack up

His lungs packed up.
Oh no! The photocopier has packed up again.

distrebution 2
Słownictwo biznesowe

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