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1. Collect

bring or gather together (things, typically when scattered or widespread)

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2. Gather

gather information
gather on the bench
hoarders work with an expert to understand why they gather and save so many things
when market reasoning and market thinking have gathered force and gained prestige

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Starland 2 s. 116 pół unitu 3 i 4
lesson 19-24
angielski słówka
test angielski unit 5

3. glean

He collects stamps and coins.
Herb has given us no formal statement about his background, but from various hints, I have gleaned that he grew up in difficult circumstances.
Some useful information can be gleaned from this study.
career changers have gleaned from their respective journeys.
uzyskać, wydobyć

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4. pick

You can pick a different skin colour.
[pɪk] pik
if you pick fruit or vegetables or flowers, you take them from the plant that they are growing on so that you can eat them or show them indoors
ust pick the one you like better.

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Woman's health history
matura 6. przygotowanie

5. raise

she raised both arms above her head
the CP doll is meant to raise awareness of people's attitudes to the disabled
to collect money from other people
to raise a defense, an objection
to raise transport costs

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6. harvest

The definition of bountiful is plentiful, abundant or in large quantities. When your harvest produces twice as much as it did last year, this is an example of a bountiful harvest.
We've had a particularly good harvest this year
Wheat is harvested in August.
You could help with the harvest
the corn harvest

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7. reap

strategic management
Z książek - lekcja 6

8. assemble

The people assembled outside the White House. The guests began to assemble for dinner.
U. S army assembled a parachute regiment to jump behind enemy lines
we are assambled here today
zgromadzić się

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9. pick up

Let's pick up some mushrooms.
My uncle often picks me up.
The weather seems to be picking up

Present Continous
Słownictwo z piosenek
zestaw 93. CAE GOLD BOOK UNIT 7

10. compile

There are no rules as to how you should compile your mood board or set it out but you must make sure that you have a visual representation of each and every element in the design on the board.
We're compiling some facts and figures for a documentary on the subject.
compiler, compilation
product vision compiled by the PO
the figures were compiled from a survey of 2,000 schoolchildren

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