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po angielsku:

1. Solve

solve the problem

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2. Resolve

she resolved to ring Dana as soon as she got home
the crisis was resolved by negotiations, Barnet was desperate for money to resolve his financial progrems
the firm aims to resolve problems within 30 days
to resolve an issue/a dispute/a conflict/a crisis

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3. untie

Untie tchem.
Your shoe is untied.
the shoes

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4. sort out

This matter could be sorted out if they would just sit down and talk.
We've sorted out the computer system's initial problems.
rozwiązać, uporać się
rozwiązać, uporządkować
“Julia sorts out their technical problems.”

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5. dissolve

Swallow your tablet whole — do not chew it, crush it or let it dissolve in your mouth.

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6. unbind

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7. tackle

tackle the problems
to make an organized and determined attempt to deal with a problem, often a social problem such as crime or unemployment
to tackle
to tackle the question of why most of us find it so hard to do nothing.
zmierzyć się z, stawić czoło

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8. get over

They never got over the loss of their son.
get better, recover, regain health
get over cold
my father still hasn't realy get over the death of my mother.
to recover after the end of a relationship with someone


9. work out

exercise in order to improve the strength of your body
plan a good way of doing something
the hotel bill work out at over 100.
we are currently working out what experiences we can provide for the 200 guests

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10. figure out

John has changed and I can’t figure out why.
Pierre says he has figured out how to guarantee that a beer will be tasty
We need to figure out how to do this.

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